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Scale and sustain with fidelity and adaptation

Anywhere. Anytime

“We used Ripple Effects for Staff in the trainer training. It’s as intuitive as any software I've ever seen."

Doris Settles
Kentucky Center for
School Safety Clearinghouse
& Certified Ripple Effects Trainer

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about the outcomes of Ripple Effects for Teens in Oakland, CA schools

You can benefit from Ripple Effects Coach for Staff.

Ripple Effects Coach for Staff is a software-based professional development program. It provides “just in time” professional development for teachers, counselors and other school personnel. This program trains staff on classroom leadership, management of diversity and diverse learners and implementation best practices for evidence-based programs. It provides a computerized method to scale and sustain effective interventions for all students year after year.

How it works: The program is comprised of 136 multi-media tutorials (with video true stories from teachers) organized into three modules. Using any of the three modules, trainers can lead implementers through a pre-determined scope and sequence; individual professional staff can use it on their own to get up and get going fast, or to find quick solutions to immediate concerns.

Module I: Strengthening Your Leadership: 48 tutorials/12 contact hours. Personal transformation through mastery of key social-emotional abilities.

Module II: Managing Diverse Learners
29 tutorials/7 contact hours. Addressing learning, behavioral, social, cultural issues that challenge students and teacher alike. 

Module III: Making Programs Work:
Making Programs Work:The nuts and bolts of successful implementation with 57 interactive tutorials/14 contact hours.

Educators face very tough challenges

  1. Half of all US teachers report being verbally abused
  2. Students physically assault 190,000 U.S. teachers each year
  3. More than half of all teachers quit, burned out, within five years
  4. Large numbers of new teachers need to be effective in the classroom from day one

Social emotional learning programs can help, but . . .

In the face of these formidable challenges, more and more educational organizations require staff to develop social-emotional skills and deliver programs that teach those skills to their students. Social-emotional competency is highly correlated with student safety, health, academic and social success. It is more tied to educators' success than content proficiency. Fortunately, there are a whole range of evidence-based programs that have been shown to work with some students, some of the time. Unfortunately, many times these "proven effective" programs fail to work as well in the real world as they did in the lab.

They aren’t easy to implement

Many educators may not have personally mastered some of the abilities they're supposed to teach and model for students. They may lack a nuanced understanding of sensitive issues regarding diversity, and may face challenges about disproportionate discipline practices. They may just lack the hours in a day to present them with fidelity.

If you. . .

  • need help teasing out learning, behavioral, health, and cultural issues
  • have been accused of discrimination because of who, when, or how you discipline
  • have the commitment, but not the time, to individualize your approach to students
  • would like to build your own social-emotional competence
  • want the wisdom and support of other teachers, right from the privacy of your own computer
  • want job-embedded coaching, that can happen when, where, and how you need it

And/or you . . .

  • have been transferred to a new school and have to implement a social program that you haven’t been trained for
  • have been trained for one program, but have to implement another one
  • thought you understood things in a training, but are having problems afterwards
  • want to maximize the benefits from Ripple Effects behavior training software for students

Try it: order a risk-free 30 day preview of the full program.

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