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Learning System

Tiered behavioral support

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Targeted prevention
Individualized intervention

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Adaptation with fidelity

Ripple Effects for Kids

Ripple Effects for Teens

Ripple Effects for Staff

Ripple Effects for Early Intervening Services and RTI


Ripple Effects evidence-based assessment, intervention delivery and data management services for student and staff enable the delivery and tracking of early intervening services and behavioral RTI as mandated by IDEA. In addition, the student programs provide supplemental instruction in English Language Arts.

Ripple Effects for Staff provides “just in time” embedded coaching for teachers, and other school staff. It trains on classroom leadership, management of diversity and diverse learners and implementation best practices for evidence-based programs. It is a computerized method to scale and sustain effective interventions, such as positive behavioral supports, for all students year after year.

The student programs provide a range of evidence-based screenings and comprehensive student interventions. as well as a behavioral intervention, the programs include key elements of language arts instruction aligned to most states' standards. The programs help address over-representation of minorities in special education, along with at least four other key Indicators in your State Performance Plan. Scientific effectiveness studies have shown the programs improve academic achievement as well as behavioral outcomes for all students who use the programs, including English language learners and students with disabilities.

Ripple Effects data management and reporting features support Response to Intervention (RTI) and enable adult facilitators to monitor each student's progress with a minimum of fuss.They also enhance existing initiatives' in school districts to collect and use data to improve teaching and learning.

An RTI planning booklet provides a practical way to make a good “shoe fit” match between learner needs and the most relevant Ripple Effects student – and teacher – intervention.

Accessible to students with disabilities (SWD)

Rich images and full sound to text equivalents for all videos make Ripple Effects software fully accessible to students with hearing impairment, who can focus on the text and pictures, and to dyslexic students, who donít need to actively decode in order to understand and analyze the main themes. The organizational structure of more than 5000 micro tutorials, none longer than 90 seconds, makes the program accessible to students with short attention span, regardless of cause.† The tutorials on social skills have been used successfully with students who have mild to moderate communicative disorders. Students with mobility related disabilities have physical accessibility to the program wherever they have computer access. Specific tutorials on physical, cognitive, attention and emotional disorders directly help affected students to develop problem solving skills, as well as resilience and assertiveness, and help other students to develop increased empathy toward students with disabilities.