Studying people who hurt people


Victimology is the study of people who hurt others, and people who are hurt by others. Its subjects are bullies, rapists, molesters, batterers, gang leaders, terrorists, hate crime perpetrators, armed robbers, and their victims.

These are hardly the people that we like to think of populating schools or businesses. So why study them in developing business or educational products?

Both schools and businesses include some of these people. Both include many others who are their victims. And both are places where less dramatic, minor aggression causes big problems, and where good social relationships make a major difference between success and failure.

Put Aside Race, Class, Gender - Study What's Left

Ray reviewed published studies and interviewed practitioners at prevention and treatment clinics across the country. She found that after stripping off race, class and gender variables - which clearly were factors in the victimization process from both sides of the equation, but were not under personal control - there were still some things that could be said.
Every study that identified any personal qualities about people who hurt people, showed that they lacked some combination of seven key abilities: empathy, impulse control, management of feelings, especially anger and fear, assertiveness, decision making ability, self understanding and connection to community.


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