Sample Instrument Used To Measure Outcomes


Student Behavior Observation Tracking Form

Date _________ Observer __________ Time Period _________ Location ________



Making Space for Others
*1 Student takes turn in conversation

Group Discussions
*2 Student waits for others to talk
*3 Student uses open ended questions
*4 Student makes eye contact
*5 Student initiates problem-solving

Resolving Conflicts
*6 Student identifies each parties' interests
7 Student tattles about minor matters
*8 Student comes up with ideas to meet both interests
*9 Student walks away from confrontation
10 Student responds to aggression by fighting back
*11 Student includes others in solving conflicts

*12 Student shares
13 Student hogs class time
14 Student hogs class resources

Helping Others
*15 Student offers to help others
*16 Student is not patronizing
17 Student listens to the concerns of others

19 Student intrudes into others' personal space
20 Student is defiant to teacher
21 Student physically intimidates other students
*22 Student gives negative feedback in constructive manner
*23 Student uses appropriate titles (Mr., Mrs., etc)

*24 Student says thank you
25 Student forgets to say pardon me
26 Student is late
27 Student interrupts others
28 Student hogs conversation
29 Student does not respond to question
*30 Student responds when you greet them

*32 Student says nice things to others
33 Student antagonizes others
34 Student tries to embarrass others

35 Student uses racial or ethnic slurs
36 Student makes fun of people with disabilities
37 Student uses sexual innuendoes or slurs
*38 Student shows appreciation of cultural differences
39 Student makes fun of low achieving students
*40 Student mixes freely with students from other backgrounds
*41 Student includes others in group

*42 Student admits mistakes
43 Student refuses to apologize

Having a Conversation
*44 Students uses other students' preferred name when conversing
45 Student interrupts others
46 Student interrogates others

Giving a Compliment
*47 Student compliments others
*48 Student praises others' behavior

Making an Apology
*49 Student admits being wrong
*50 Student expresses being sorry

Expressing Sympathy
*51 Student comforts an upset peer

*52 Student thanks teacher
*53 Student thanks other students

* = pro-social behavior; other items = anti-social behavior


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